Graffiti portrait of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on the Israeli Separation Barrier at the Qalandia checkpoint.

Graffiti on the Israeli Separation Barrier

Archive of research related to transnational-produced graffiti on the Israeli Separation Barrier and its function in placemaking.

Data Visualization

GIS & Data Visualization

A collection of GIS maps and data visualizations derived from research, teaching and personal interests. Finished maps and other visualizations are available as are links to some source data archived on ArcGIS Online.



A web resource for activists and activism studies. The site has four main goals: 1) collect relevant accounts of contemporary activism as documented in news reports, blog posting and social media outlets; 2) create a dossier of activist campaigns, networks and movements; 3) provide access to reports and studies on activist efforts; and 4) produce analysis and opinion pieces related to activism.


Israeli-Palestinian Peace-building

Archive of research related to cooperative peace-building and conflict transformation efforts in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Wheat field during the harvest.

Food Security in Spokane Co., Washington

Archive of research related to food security in Spokane County, Washington.