State Rep. Molly White Explains Her Views on Muslims | The Texas Tribune
In an interview with the Tribune, state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, said she didn’t intend to ignite controversy with her comments last week about Muslims, but stood by her suspicions of the religion.

Normally I’d just let something like this pass by without much more than an observational “This is stupid”. However, given the level of idiocy that we are subjected to here, as well as the incredibly dangerous and incendiary misinformation embedded in this episode, I feel compelled to go into greater detail to explain why Texas State Representative Molly White is an ignoramus of epic proportions.

Point #1:
Representative White’s initial exercise in demagoguery sought to construe all Muslims in America as sympathetic to terrorism and unfaithful to American rule of law. While this is fairly typical and, sadly, unsurprising Tea Party rhetoric, Rep. White purposefully put this Facebook post up on Texas Muslim Capital Day… a day in which Muslims are encouraged to engage with their representatives… which sounds like something that demonstrates fealty to American law.


Point #2: Demanding a public renouncement of terrorism and public declaration of allegiance to America is nothing less than McCarthy-esque bullying and the only justifiable response to such a demand by anyone of any faith group is “F*ck you!”.


Point #3: Rep. White believes that placing an Israeli flag on her reception desk is provocative towards Muslims. While many Muslims and non-Muslims are upset by Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine, it is problematic that Rep. White endeavors to fuel a long and complicated conflict between two suffering peoples by injecting even more manufactured divisiveness into the conflict. So thanks for that Rep. White… you sure haven’t made things easier for the countless men and women who seek out peace between Israelis and Palestinians rather that facilitate it through juvenile antics.

Oh, and some folks would probably inquire as to what an Israeli flag on your official office says about where your allegiances lay… not saying I’m making that accusation… its just an observation.


Point #4: When Rep. White attempts to clarify her remarks, she basically makes the argument that she didn’t know the post would go viral and, had she known that, perhaps she might have been more specific that she was talking about a group known as CAIR. This “logic” is the same “logic” used by people who are sorry that they got caught beating their children… not that they beat their children (I’m looking at you Adrian Peterson).


Point #5: Rep. White justifies her condemnation of CAIR due to the fact that UAE lists them as a terrorist organizations… and they do, you can check the list here. Now, if Rep. White is going to put her faith in the UAE terrorism list, then I expect to see her talking a lot about all those purported terrorist groups not recognized by the UAE… like HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and the IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARD, which any card carrying Republican would identify as terrorists.

Let’s not even get into the fact that what got White so worked up about CAIR (supposedly they said that Muslims were above US law) is the exact opposite of what was said (that’s right, CAIR was saying good Muslims must follow US law). Curse you context and details… you’re always getting in the way of easy anti-Muslim bigotry!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering… the US does not recognize CAIR as a terrorist organization… but what does DHS, the CIA, FBI and DoD know compared to some ignorant state rep out of Texas. Clearly the answer is “Nothing”.


So, the bottom line is that Rep. White is the new poster child for the anti-Muslim bigotry, Islamic hatred and Islamophobia that is so deeply embedded in American society that it can hide in plain sight. While many will simply respond to all of this with a dismissive “Yes, but she doesn’t represent my views and she’s just one crackpot… It’s best not to make a fuss about this because no one listens to her”, I ask whether you were similarly nonchalant when Iranian President Ahmadinejad spewed his toxic ideas. If you didn’t, then you are being dishonest. If you did, you need to rejoin reality.


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